Proposed Public Works Facility

October 2023 Update

Please see below document for a project update, as of October 2023.

Public Works Facility Update 10/2023

August 2023 Update:

A geotechnical investigation will be performed in the coming months following the removal of crops to verify the depth to rock and to determine soil characteristics.  The depth of rock information will be used when designing the site grades and will be helpful in estimating the cost of earthwork.  The soil characteristics will be used in the design of structural foundations and stormwater infiltration facilities.

May 10th Public Meeting


Thank you all for coming tonight to discuss the Public Works Campus project. Before we review the project, we wanted to share some history about this Initiative; “Public Works Campus”.

This project and the need for a larger Public Works Campus has been a subject of discussion for more than a decade. The composition of the Board of Supervisors has changed significantly over that time, but the Board has consistently recognized the need for new facilities. The need is driven by the demand to deliver essential services to our growing community. The challenge of building a PW Campus required property for adequate workspace. That opportunity became available in late 2018 with the sale of the Hempt property. In discussion w/HSS, TWP purchased 87 acres in 2021, which included a 49-acre parcel off Woods Drive.  Also, through the purchase, the Township preserved 22 acres of land for open space through our land preservation program. The 49-acre acquisition allowed us the opportunity to plan for the PW Campus…we finally had the land for a PW facility.

Tonight, Staff & Alloy5 will share an update w/ the PW Campus project, field questions and discuss next steps in this important endeavor. 

Please allow us to present the PPT presentation in totality and then we will field questions.

We thank you for attending tonight’s presentation, appreciate the feedback and look forward to sharing the status of this project in the coming months. 

The presentation of the proposed facility can be viewed at the below link. Please be advised that this document is in draft form and is subject to change as the project progresses.

Click here for presentation: PROPOSED PUBLIC WORKS FACILITY

 Board of Supervisors - Special Meeting 5/10/23 MINUTES

Update 6/1/23 - Several Township residents with experience in commercial building construction and design have been added to the special Committee. The Committee continues to meet regularly and is diligently reviewing the building concept to identify modifications which could result in a reduction in cost. The next public meeting is anticipated for later this summer.