Stormwater Fee

Stormwater Fee Overview

Silver Spring Township is tasked by the PA Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) with completing a variety of projects in order to meet our Pollution Reduction Plan (PRP) requirements for the purpose of improving water quality of local creeks and streams. These projects will be implemented throughout portions of the Township to treat storm water before it is discharged to our local waterways and reduce pollutants from entering our local waterways.

In order to meet this unfunded mandate, Silver Spring will implement a Storm Water Fee beginning January 1, 2020. The fee will have two categories, Single Family Residential (SFR) and Non-Single Family Residential (Non-SFR), and will utilize Impervious Area (IA) data that was collected for the Township. From the IA data, it was determined that an average SFR property has 4,000 sf of IA. This 4,000 sf was set to be the Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) and was determined to be charged a rate of $9 based on budgetary need. SFR properties will be assessed a flat rate that is equal to 1 ERU, or $9, a month ($108 annually). Non-SFR properties will be assessed a rate based off of multiples of ERUs the property has. For example, if a Non-SFR property has 20,000 sf of IA, that would be equal to 5 ERUs (20,000/4,000 = 5). For this property, the monthly fee would be $45 a month ($540 annually).

Stormwater Fee Frequently Asked Questions

Stormwater User Fee Ordinance 2019-13

Stormwater Public Presentations

Requirements Township Must Adhere To

Silver Spring Township must meet state mandated requirements in order to be in compliance. Please read through the NPDES permit below for detailed information on these requirements.  

DEP Requirements - NPDES Permit 2018-2023

Credit Policy and Appeals  

With implementation of the Storm Water Fee, a credit policy and appeals process has been made available. Credits are used to reduce the monthly amount being billed to a property and will be available for properties that have installed storm water controls that reduce storm water pollution. Additionally, if it is believed that the Impervious Area (IA) was incorrectly assessed, an appeal may be made. If it is determined that there are errors with the IA data for a property, a correction will be made, and billing information will be updated to show the corrected values.

Stormwater Credit Policy Manual

Stormwater Fee Credit Application 

Stormwater Fee Appeal Form

Agriculture Credit Packet