Ownership & Responsibility

A building sewer is the pipe that connects a house or structure to the public sewer system. The building sewer extends from the building foundation or basement wall to the main sewer line, which is typically located in a street or easement. Building sewers are a part of the property they serve and maintaining and repairing them is the responsibility of the property owner.

Most building sewers have cleanouts installed every 75 feet or less, to allow the sewer pipe to be cleared in the event of a clog. The cleanouts are typically 4 inches in diameter and composed of white PVC plastic. A broken cleanout may allow excess surface water into the sewer system during heavy rain events, and also let in dirt and debris that could potentially clog your building sewer. Cleanout covers and collars may be obtained at your local home builder supply for a few dollars in the event that they are broken. Please contact the office for advice on repairs if necessary.

If your building sewer is clogged and you have determined that the blockage is not on your property, please call the authority and personnel will check the main sewer serving your property. If the problem is in the authority's main sewer, we will address the problem immediately. If the main sewer serving your home is determined not to be the source of the problem, authority personnel will contact you to report their findings. Please call (717) 591-1370 for this assistance.

Some homes are served by grinder pumps instead of gravity sewer lines. The grinder pump unit is owned by the homeowner and the repair and maintenance of that unit is the homeowner's responsibility. If you are having operational difficulty with your grinder pump, you may contact IJ Tech at (717) 412-7330 for repair service. They have replacement pumps and have specific training on repairs to the E-One pump system.

Please be aware that sewer easements or rights-of-way are located on some properties in the township, and objects are not to be constructed or placed in those areas. If a private object such as a tree, fence, or shed is placed in such an area, the authority is under no obligation to replace that object or reimburse the owner for damage or loss if it is removed or damaged in the process of sewer maintenance or repair work. Lack of awareness for easement locations does not provide an exception for placing or constructing items upon them. Please protect your investments and do not place them in sewer easements or right-of-way areas. If you are unsure if a sewer easement or right-of-way exists on your property, please contact the authority office at (717) 591-1370 for information and details.